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Information for patients about blood transfusion

A blood transfusion is a relatively common procedure that can save and improve lives. Often patients who receive a blood transfusion(s) experience no complications or problems.However, there are associated risks and minor to severe problems can occur. The clinical team treating you should discuss these risks with you.

Our patient information leaflets do not replace the guidance provided by the clinical team treating you.

The clinical team will be able to explain to you the reason for the suggested transfusion, benefits, risks and any suitable alternatives. They should ensure that you are aware of the material risks of injury associated with any treatment they offer. If you are unsure about any aspects of your treatment / care, ask them to explain.

More information on transfusion, including some of the risks, is on NHS Choices or our consent page.

If you have any problems accessing the leaflets please call the Customer Service support team on 01865 381010. 


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Information for hospitals



Will I need a blood transfusion? (PDF) 
The leaflet explains why you might need a blood transfusion, the risks and benefits, and how you may feel during a blood transfusion. 

Blood Groups and Red Cell Antibodies in Pregnancy (PDF)
This leaflet explains why blood groups and antibodies are important in pregnancy.

D negative Mother's blood test to check her unborn baby's blood group (PDF) 
The leaflet explains the importance of this test which identifies Mothers who need the anti-D injection.

Please note it is only available to Trusts which have implemented the fetal screening test.

Patient Blood Management (PDF)
Patient Blood Management is a standard of care which aims to optimise the treatment of patiens who many need a transfusion.

Information for Patients with sickle cell disease who may need a blood transfusion (PDF)

Iron in your diet (PDF)
Helps patients to understand the importance of iron in their diet and which foods are iron-rich.

Protecting women and babies with anti-D Immunoglobulin (PDF) 

The leaflet explains why certain blood groups can cause problems during pregnancy and how anti-D can help to prevent them

Anaemia? (PDF) 
Provides an overview and the options of treatment which may include a blood transfusion. 

Information for patients who have received an unexpected blood transfusion (PDF) Revised October 2016

Will my baby need a blood transfusion? (PDF) Revised June 2016 
A parents' / guardians' guide explaining why a blood transfusion may be necessary.

Fresh Frozen Plasma and Cryoprecipitate (PDF) Revised June 2016
This leaflet describes these components and their uses as part of a treatment process. 

Will I need a platelet transfusion? (PDF) Revised June 2016
Why you might need a platelet transfusion, the risks and benefits and how will you feel during a platelet transfusion. 

Information for patients needing irradiated blood (PDF) Revised October 2016
Why is irradiated blood needed? Do all types of blood need to be irradiated? Does irradiation damage the blood?

Will my child need a plasma transfusion? (PDF) Revised October 2016
Important information for parents of babies and young children receiving fresh frozen plasma.

Will your child need a blood transfusion? and children's leaflets (PDFs)
Information for parents / guardians about what to expect if a child needs a blood transfusion. Amazing You explains to young children about blood, red cells, white cells and platelets. Voyages on the Microsub Discovery is aimed at older children, and explains why a blood transfusion may be needed. 

Cell salvage patient factsheets 
Information for patients on the use of Cell Salvage.

Platelet Groups & Antibodies in Pregnancy (PDF)
These leaflets are not available for routine ordering. They are sent out routinely with the report and card if a positive assay has been found. If the mother / patient has lost their leaflet or not received it, copies can be obtained by writing to:

H & I, NHS Blood and Transplant, North Bristol Park, Northway, Filton, Bristol BS34 7QH

Therapeutic Apheresis Services patient and donor leaflets 

H & I patient information leaflets