Label Templates

It is important that when referring diagnostic samples to our laboratories that these key points are followed:

  • Use the correct address - clearly identifying the laboratory name
  • Discuss with the laboratory (by telephone) regarding arrangements for urgent samples
  • Ensure the boxes for urgent samples are marked as 'Urgent'
  • All samples are packaged in accordance with EU Carriage of Dangerous Goods Regulations and IATA Regulations

We have produced a standard set of sample box address label templates for each Red Cell Immunohaemotology (RCI) laboratory. This will help NHSBT staff to identify where the boxes are to be delivered when they arrive on site, reducing the risk of samples referred to NHSBT RCI laboratories being incorrectly stored or forwarded to the wrong department.  

Your co-operation in using these labels, when referring diagnostic samples to our laboratories, will be greatly appreciated.  The templates can be printed direct onto labels 99.1 x 38.1 mm

RCI laboratories: