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  • NHSBT partners with Sheffield Teaching Hospitals to expand stem cell and bone marrow collection centre services for donors from DKMS (Delete Blood Cancer) from 1 April 2019


  • Changes to HLA selected platelets out of hours service from 13 May 2019
  • Final issue of Blood and Transplant Matters publication,  March 2019 
  • Please complete our Blood Stocks Management Scheme Inventory Practice Survey asap
  • Invitation for Transfusion Laboratory Managers to participate in the National Comparative Audit's re-audit of the medical use of blood



  • O D negative K positive and K negative red cells; when is it safe to transfuse?
  • Emergency preparedness, resilience and response guidance for hospital transfusion teams
  • Low demand patient information leaflets
  • Please work with your RCI lab to manage your referrals
  • Importing low-risk vCJD plasma from Poland



  • Transfusion Practitioners - please send us your feedback about a new 'Consent for blood transfusion' sticker pad resource
  • Your requests for credit: please submit them on a regular basis