December (PDF)

Alert from the Department of Health Central Alerting System (CAS). Safe transfusion practice: use a bedside checklist

New resource for Laboratory Best Transfusion Practice for Neonates, Infants and Children 
Price increase for 2018 training courses for NHS employees

November (PDF)

Please send us your SHOT incident reports by end December 
Please take part in the James Lind Alliance for Blood Donation and Blood Transfusion prioritisation survey

Autumn 2017 SHOT newsletter now available
Participation benchmarking data for 2016 SHOT reports now available
How to request a SHOT speaker for your meetings and conferences
Manually washed red cells in place of automated washed red cells
NHSBT Reagents' CellStab products now available for IH500 & IH1000 analysers
New irradiation labels
Disabling the HEV tick box on OBOS

October (PDF)

Register your event to take part in the National Pathology Week 6 - 12 November 2017 
Please prepare for new RadTag irradiation labels February 2018 

Dual colour flow cytometric test for FMH in RCI

September (PDF)

Please create an account for the new distribution hub to order patient information leaflets and educational resources
Please update your LIMS systems with new component labels for new manually washed red cells in place of automated washed red cells

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August (PDF)

Get your free lanyard checklist and support SHOT's key recommendation ‘bedside checklist must be used as a standard of care'
Supporting patients with sickle cell disease

New labels for Reagents
Ordering patient information leaflets and educational resources 18 August to 4 September
Blood pack validations
Change to the Apheresis Platelet Myth Buster Poster

July (PDF)

Towards ISBT 128 compliance for blood and blood component pack labels

Increased validated journey time for transport containers
Therapeutic Apheresis Services Annual Report 2016 / 17
New Educational Resources for TAS on Hospitals and Science website
OBOS version 8.0.0 release September 2017
Changes to LVT component descriptions in OBOS & Apheresis tick box

June (PDF)

Please help us by using our new delivery point stickers
Register for SHOT Symposium before 30 June 2017

Entering frozen components wastage data in VANESA v4.0
Using short journey containers for inter and intra hospital deliveries
New Automated Red Cell Exchange clinic for paediatrics in Leeds
Monitoring after carrying out non-invasive fetal K (KEL*01) genotyping 

May (PDF)

Download the latest Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics (H&I) User Guide
Register now for the Blood Stocks Management Scheme (BSMS) Roadshows 2017

Upgrade of Specialist Services Electronic Reporting System (SpICE) on 7 June
New Blood Components app

April (PDF)

Please use the blood transfusion bedside checklist to support safe transfusion
Remember to register for the SHOT symposium: the keynote speaker is Phil Hammond on Patient Safety 

Revised Patient Blood Management – Information for patient leaflet 
Invitation to attend Blood Stocks Management Scheme’s Managing the Nation’s Blood Supply roadshow 
Blood Stocks Management Scheme monitoring VANESA activity 
Review of residual viral risk from new and repeat blood donors in the UK 
Component terminology and harmonisation

March (PDF)

Please inform hospital contacts not to use the platelet transfusion mobile site
Please share your good practice for O D Neg red cells 
We want to improve our web presence and need your help!

Price changes 2017/18: Apheresis platelets, red blood cells, collection charges
Revised Sickle Cell Disease patient information leaflet 
Clinical audit of RCI on-call referrals starting 1 April 2017
RCI laboratories accredited to ISO15189
SHOT symposium: keynote speaker, Phil Hammond on Patient Safety 
Posters to raise awareness of 24 hours notice for requests for HLA matched platelets
New resources added to a reviewed platelet page on the Hospitals and Science web site

February (PDF)

Please add new product codes for washed red cells by end February
Ordering HEV screened blood components & introducing 100% screening
New referral forms and user guides for referring samples to Molecular Diagnostics for your team’s attention
Register for SHOT symposium

Blood pack validations: appearance of packs may differ slightly 
New PBM bookmarks and revised patient information leaflet
Group AB Pooled Cryoprecipitate stock 
Our Satisfaction Survey
Availability of Specialist Components from Stock Holding Units 

January (PDF)

Please update your bookmark for the Blood Stocks Management Scheme website
Register for SHOT symposium 12 July 2017
Referring samples to RCI laboratories from patients receiving Daratumumab (anti-CD38) therapy for treatment of multiple myeloma

NICE quality standards issued for blood transfusion December 2016 
SHOT newsletter Winter 2016 
RCI reporting of obstetric cases: Antenatal reporting in line with BSH guideline, 1 February 2017 & review of the application of uncertainty of measurement in fetomaternal haemorrhage