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December (PDF)


Placing blood orders for patients with Sickle Cell Disease
Please give us your feedback on Transport’s new web page
Donation Identification Number (DIN) sequences for LIM systems
BSH guidelines on Transfusion for fetuses, neonates and older children for the attention of Paediatric and Neonatal teams

Live OBOS version 7.3.3 release 15 January 2017
Tools for National Blood Transfusion Committee (NBTC) Indication Codes for Transfusion
Universal Human T-Lyphotophic Virus (HTLV) will cease 15 January 2017

November (PDF)

Revisions to Iron in your diet patient information leaflet and educational resources
Invitation to submit an abstract for the SHOT Symposium 12 July 2017

Choosing Wisely UK campaign launch
NICE guidance for fetal Rh D genotype
RCI will be changing the wording of reports for feto-maternal haemorrhage investigations

October (PDF)

Updated Emergency Blood Management Plans - for the attention of transfusion team
Scientific & Clinical Courses: Book early for 2017 and remaining spaces for this year
Ordering Revised Patient Information Leaflets

New monthly BSMS O D Neg Report
National Leadership in Transfusion Conference 1 February 2017
National Paediatric and Neonatal Transfusion Conference 2 February 2017
Using and labelling on NHSBT Transport Containers
New OBOS version 7.3.2 Release
Limited Group AB Pooled Cryoprecipitate Stock

September (PDF)

Customer Service Response Desk
Removal of red cells from a controlled temperature environment
Farewell to Teresa Allen and Elaine MacRate 

August (PDF) 

Scientific & Clinical Courses
IT Maintenance - OBOS and EDN Downtime 

Core Systems Modernisation Programme
New Automated Red Cell Exchange Service in Birmingham
SHOT Symposium – 12 July 2017
Blood Pack Validations
Serving our customers: are hospitals satisfied? 

July (PDF)  

Save one O D Neg a week campaign
O D Neg Toolkit

SHOT Annual Report for events reported in 2015
Patient Information Leaflets and Educational Resources
National Paediatric Conference
Haemoglobinopathy Genotyping Initiative – close of project
New genotype tests and pricing at IBGRL
Replacement of 3 part paper issue note and OBOS development

June (PDF)   

Online blood ordering system (OBOS) version 7.2.3 release
National Commissioning Group Planning for 2017 

Sp-ICE - Important Browser Information
Updated Guidance on Training and Assessment in Blood Transfusion and the National Standards for the Clinical Transfusion Process
Provision of Ro Blood for Sickle Cell Disease
Annual SHOT Symposium 2016 – Last chance to register
Revised patient information leaflets
Pooled Granulocyte – change to storage pack 

May (PDF) 

Ordering patient information leaflets and educational resources
Standing Orders in OBOS
Last chance for testing haemoglobinopathy samples at no extra cost

New British Society for Haematology Guidelines
Blood Stocks Management Scheme Educational Roadshows

Annual SHOT Symposium 2016 Registration Now Open    

April (PDF)   

Introduction of  three new FFP product bar codes
Questions about blood transfusion and blood donation? We want to hear from you
An affordable and comprehensive DNA test to diagnose rare inherited diseases

Blood Component Temperature Excursion
Customer Satisfaction
Blood Stocks Management Scheme Educational Roadshows
Extension of the post-thaw shelf life of FFP for Major Haemorrhage
HEV negative components - further information

March (PDF)   

Red book Survey
Questions about blood transfusion and blood donation? We want to hear from you
Ordering HLA/HPA Products on OBOS
You can stop RCI Hard Copy Reports, NHSBT will supply blank Antibody Cards

New resources to support the introduction of Hepatitis E Virus (HEV) negative blood components
NHS Blood and Transplant appoints new Medical and Research Director
NHSBT Data Centre Move-Update
NHSBT Recalls: Information Flowcharts new version release

MSc in Transfusion and Transplantation Sciences
Path Transfusion Medicine Symposium 2016
Spotlight on the Practical Introduction to Transfusion Science

February (PDF)   

Update on Extended Blood Group Testing for patients with Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Disorders

From 1st March 2016 NHSBT Filton plans to reduce the amount of CMV screening it performs
Updated SHOT Reporting Definitions, including reference to HEV negative components
Forthcoming extension to post-thaw expiry of FFP

January (PDF)   

Action - New OBOS 7.1.5 Release

NHSBT TACSI Platelet Production
Customer Satisfaction
Patient Blood Management (PBM) Team PBM Newsletter Issue 5
Consent pages on the Hospitals and Science website
Single Unit Transfusion Policy – Implementation Guide
An invitation to help to identify the uncertainties that surround Blood Transfusion and Blood Donation