Service developments

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

We have been working towards the goal of EDI between our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and the NHS Trust LIMS for several years.

By moving from a paper-based data exchange to an electronic one, organisations will benefit from:

  • reduced errors
  • reduced cost
  • reduced time to receive results
  • improved relationships with partner organisations

Before EDI exchange can occur, all parties must agree on the specific EDI standard and version. To this end we have worked with a wide range of stakeholders to agree an initial format for the exchange of test results. This file format will be the basis of EDI. This standard will be regularly reviewed and extended to include more extensive red cell information.

We are currently working with two groups on proofs of concept using this new standard. One group uses the (DXC iLab-TP LIMS, the other uses CliniCys WinPath Enterprise).

If you require further information please contact Wisdom Musabaike.