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Product inserts

Reagent Red Cells

  • Using NHSBT Reagents on DiaMed Bio-Rad analysers INF122
  • ABO control cells INF79 
  • ABO control cells in CellStab INF80
  • ABO grouping cells in CellMedia INF991
  • Screening cells in CellMedia INF992
  • Screening cells Papainised INF1313
  • Screening cells in CellStab INF125
  • Screening cells INF126
  • rr screening cells INF124
  • rr screening cells in CellMedia INF993

  • Panel cells in CellMedia INF1082
  • Panel cell INF107
  • Panel cells in CellStab INF106 
  • IgG Coated Cells INF108 INF108 
  • Whole blood controls INF131
  • Reagent red cells for the titration of red cell antibodies INF129
  • Papain solution product insert  INF99

  • IPEx (Internal Proficiency Exercise) INF109

Serological controls for in vitro diagnostic use only


Reagents for use in serological investigation

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