Who we are

The teams in Commercial and Customer Service

Hospital Customer Service

What we do

The team is here to support you by giving advice on blood components and our services; investigating your complaints, and measuring your satisfaction, so we can improve our service to you.

We focus on improving our customers' experience and conduct a survey within NHSBT to help meet hospital and patient need.

We maintain this website, giving you information you need to manage how you use our components and how to make the most of our service, supporting you to deliver the best care for your patients.

The team

Our national team of Customer Service Managers are primarily Biomedical Scientists with range of experience in hospital transfusion laboratories, NHSBT diagnostics, component production and customer service.

Please send us your feedback

We value your feedback. Telling us what you think is important and means we can share your thoughts across our service, sharing your voice with our colleagues.

Please speak to your Customer Service Manager or email NHSBT.customerservice@nhsbt.nhs.uk


Patient Blood Management (PBM)

What we do

PBM is a multi-disciplinary, evidence-based approach to ensuring the best care for patients who may need a blood transfusion. It represents an international initiative in best practice for transfusion medicine. We support hospitals to deliver PBM initiatives.

The practitioners work closely with the NHSBT Clinical Team to promote the safe and appropriate transfusion of all blood components across England by providing education, resources, specialist advice and support.  We also provide an essential link between supply and demand for blood components.

We conduct National Comparative Audits of Blood Transfusion (NCABT), running a programme of clinical audits which provides evidence that blood components are being administered safely and used appropriately, according to current national guidelines.

The aim is to drive good practice by auditing hospital practice against these guidelines, producing results which benchmark hospital adherence and performance.

The teams

Our teams include Patient Blood Management Practitioners, who have a background as senior nurses or biomedical scientists; and an audit team.


Blood Stocks Management Scheme (BSMS)

What we do

The scheme was established to understand and improve blood inventory management across the blood supply chain. Hospitals and Blood Services from England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland are participating.

Central to the scheme, is VANESA, a data management system, where hospitals' and blood services' blood component inventory data is collected. VANESA allows participants to view their data in real time and benchmark their performance with others.

The scheme provides us with:

  • The ability to understand demand intelligence to support demand forecasting.
  • The ability to investigate report and monitor the impacts of operational supply and product changes within the supply chain.
  • Segmented hospital data (based on knowledge of hospital clinical practice and blood component use) to allow us to identify trends.