Blood and Transplant Matters

This publication stopped being produced in 2019. Issue 54 is the final one.


Issue 54 

  • Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital Laboratory open their Doors to Harvey’s Gang
  • Transfusion Spot Check Audit – Kettering General Hospital
  • Safe Supplies: A year of change
  • Building Evidence Libraries: From Filing Cabinet to Screen
  • Strengthening the effectiveness of Organ Donation Committees
  • Corneal Transplants – helping patients see what they can only imagine
  • CPD Questions
  • Clinical Case Studies
  • Answers to Clinical case Studies
  • CPD Blood and Transplant Matters Answers Issue 54
  • Diary Dates



Issue 53

  • The Professional Development Team in Organ Donation and Transplantation: A Five-Year Anniversary
  • Cellular and Molecular Therapies
  • Audit - The Use of Prothrombin Complex Concentrate in Milton Keynes Hospital
  • Teamwork Delivers: Support for a Special Series of Intrauterine Transfusions
  • Audit of Overnight Transfusions in the West Midlands Region July 2016
  • Durham University Blood Donation Society
  • Case Study - Interview with Ebony Dunkley
  • CPD Questions
  • Clinical Case Studies
  • Answers to Clinical Case Studies
  • CPD Answers (53)



Issue 52

  • Development of a Web-Based Road map to Improve Access to Apheresis Services for Patients in the South West of England
  • Transfusion Guidelines at your Fingertips – "Blood Components" App
  • The Importance of Engaging Healthcare Students in Supporting the Work of Hospital Organ Donation Committees
  • The National Institute for Health Research Blood and Transplant Research Unit in Organ Donation and Transplantation 
  • Donation Memorials
  • Our Ladder of Opportunity
  • A New Leeds/Sheffield Centre
  • Donating Aoife’s organs was an easy decision to make
  • CPD Questions
  • Clinical Case Studies
  • Answers to Clinical Case Studies
  • CPD answers (52)


Issue 51

  • Blood and Fire: Bleeding and Transfusion in Major Burns
  • Audit of Weekday Out of Hours Referral for Urgent Therapeutic Apheresis Procedures January - December 2015
  • Explaining Death Confirmed Using Neurological Criteria to Families
  • The ATTOM Study
  • An Evaluation of a Pre-Implantation Renal Histopathology Service, at the time of Organ Donation: The PITHIA Trial
  • Shifting Paradigms: The Contribution of Non-Directed Donation in Living Donor Kidney Transplantation
  • Vascularised Composite Allograft Donation
  • Case Study
  • Voice of the Customer
  • CPD Questions
  • Clinical Case Studies
  • Answers to Clinical Cases
  • CPD answers (50)
  • CPD answers (51)


Issue 50 

A Snapshot of the Worldwide Impact of the Zika Virus Spread. A Tale of Three Countries in Organ Donation. New Research Centre to Underpin the Safety and Efficiency of Blood Donation. Demand for O D Negative Red Cells - How the Patient Blood Management Teams are Supporting the Challenge. 'Extending the Gift': Donor Perspectives on Laboratory Grown Red Blood Cells. First Steps in Process for the Manufacture of Stem Cell Derived Platelets for Transfusion. Case Study - Noah's Story. Impact Stories.



Issue 49

Hepatitis E and Blood transfusion: NHSBT Implementations of the Recommendation to provide HEV Screened blood Components for certain Patient Groups. Horizon Scanning for Infectious Threats. The Broken Gift - A Donor Optimisation Analogy Case Report - Successful ABO Incompatible Kidney Transplant following use of Glycorex Immunoadsorption Column. Tissue Transplant in Ocular Surgery. Serum Eye Drops Service - Role of NHSBT.

Issue 48

Patient Blood Management, Integrated Supply Planning and Demand Planning in NHSBT, Where go the Platelets go in London, Easy as ABC? - The Production of "A Manual for Blood Conservation", Introduction of the GoSBAR Scale for reporting Organ Donation Performance, Ovarian Tissue Cryopreservation: A beginning for NHSBT at Southampton and finally, Theo's Story.