Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Information and updates to help clinical and laboratory staff manage the impact of COVID-19

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O- 8 days, A- 13 days, B- 9 days, AB- 10 days, O+ 9 days, A+ 10 days, B+ 9 days, AB+ 12 days 

Refer to the red cell shortage plan if stocks fall to less than 2 days 

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O- 1.9 days, A- 1.3 days, B- 1.1days, AB- 1.7 days, O+ 1.2 days, A+ 1.4 days, B+ 1.6 days, AB+ 3.2 days 

Refer to the platelet shortage plan if stocks fall to 0.5 days or less

Participation in the clinical trials for convalescent plasma research

RECOVERY: This trial has stopped

More information

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REMAP-CAP: This trial is paused and is entering into the data analysis phase

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Blood supply updates

22 February 2021

  • Intelligence to support demand forecasting 
  • Stock management
  • Maintaining supply of blood components

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20 January 2021

  • This communication is to inform you about continuing drive to maximise the collection of high antibody titre CCP
  • Please continue to hold on to any unused CCP

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Updates relating to: 

  • TAS - clinical and operational
  • Stem cells - NICE rapid guidance on haemopoietic stem cell transplantation 

Survey of blood component requirements in COVID-19 patients 

The aim of the survey is to establish levels of blood component use by swab positive COVID-19 patients admitted to hospital.