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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Information and updates to help clinical and laboratory staff manage the impact of COVID-19

NHSBT's Red Cell Stocks

Refer to the red cell shortage plan if stocks fall to less than 2 days 

NHSBT's Platelet Stocks

Refer to the platelet shortage plan if stocks fall to 0.5 days or less

Blood supply updates

18 August

  • Ensure stock targets are appropriate to meet local demand
  • Limit over specification of O D negative red cell requests unless a patient specific requirement
  • Limit requests for “fresh red cells” and take a proportional share of K+ units
  • Accept substitutions, where clinically appropriate

Read 18 August update

21 July

  • Demand for red cell blood has increased by 6%
  • Disproportionate increase in the demand for O D neg 
  • If this increase continues there will be future challenges with supply
  • Please follow our guidance when ordering 

Read 21 July update

8 June 

  • Recent demand for blood
  • Restoration and recovery plans

Read 8 June update


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Do you or your colleagues want to donate?

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Convalescent plasma research

As part of a national research response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are leading a programme to collect convalescent blood plasma from people who have recovered from coronavirus.

This plasma will be used in a national clinical trial to improve the recovery of people with COVID-19.

Find out more

Register your Trust to take part in the clinical trials

REMAP-CAPukremap-cap@icnarc.org or 020 7831 6878. 

RECOVERY: recoverytrial@ndph.ox.ac.uk or contact

Our answers to your questions 

Answers to your questions


Dr Lise Estcourt, Consultant Haematologist, NHSBT and University of Oxford, on the UK COVID-19 convalescent plasma trials (June).

This will be available to download soon.

Dr Gail Miflin, NHSBT Chief Medical Officer, on the research programme and clinical trials (April).

Watch or download

Recovered COVID-19 patients

We need people who’ve recovered from coronavirus to donate blood plasma. 

Download or order from the distribution hub. Please refer to our instructions to create an account.

Information for potential plasma donors

Patients facing convalescent plasma therapy

Our fact sheet explains what convalescent plasma is and how it is used in the treatment of COVID-19.


NCI 9 April - BioResource of plasma samples related to COVID-19

H&I 8 April - testing services

RCI 8 April - referring samples

IBGRL 6 April - referring samples

TAS 2 April - clinical and operational

Stem cells 2 April - NICE rapid guidance on haemopoietic stem cell transplantation