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7 April: Our adjusted service provision over the April bank holiday.

We have sufficient stocks to supply to your needs

Service provision; red cell and platelet stock levels

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Information and updates to help clinical and laboratory staff manage the impact of COVID-19

NHSBT red cell stock levels 7 April 2020

Refer to the red cell shortage plan if stocks fall to less than 2 days 

NHSBT platelet stock levels 7 April 2020

Refer to the platelet shortage plan if stocks fall to 0.5 days or less

Blood supply updates 

7 April

  • Stock position
  • Sample labelling requirements for referred samples
  • Changes to delivery routes/points
  • Service provision covering the Easter bank holiday


26 March

  • We have built blood stocks over the last few weeks and our stock levels for all components remain in a good position.
  • We are focusing on manufacture of short shelf life components, platelets and components for intrauterine, neonatal, paediatric and infant use.
  • We have written to donors requesting their continued support with the message “You can still travel to donate”




If you need to refer to earlier updates

Do you or your colleagues want to donate?

Please book an appointment by

For advice to colleagues wishing to donate please see the advice on this page 


Updates from clinical areas

IBGRL 3 April - referring samples

TAS 2 April - clinical and operational

Stem cells 2 April - NICE rapid guidance on haemopoietic stem cell transplantation

RCI 13 March - referring samples

H&I 13 March - testing services

Our donation sessions are open

We need people to keep donating blood; it is essential for the NHS and the treatment of patients.

  • Travelling to give blood is considered 'essential' travel 
  • Please keep your appointment if you can, or make a new one
  • So we collect the right amount of blood we limit the number of appointments available for each day; if you can’t find an appointment straight away, just book for as soon as you can, we need you

You can keep up to date with our advice to donors at blood.co.uk