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Pregnancy and childbirth audits

Previous Audits


National Red Cell Survey (PDF)

Audit of Patient Information & Consent (PDF)


Anti-D Audit Report (PDF)

Patient Blood Management Survey Report (PDF)


Blood Sample Collection and Labelling (PDF)


Re-audit of bedside transfusion practice (PDF)


Re-audit of the use of Group O RhD negative red cells (PDF)


National Comparative Audit of Blood Collection Audit (PDF)

2008 Bedside transfusion re-audit (PDF)

Audit of the use of Fresh Frozen Plasma (PDF)
Participating hospitals received a summary report of the main findings and a full report which provided more information about FFP transfusion in 3 age groups: < 1 year old; 1-15 years old and >16 years old. The regional presentations were also distributed

Audit of the appropriate use of red cells – a 2 region audit in Midlands and the South West (Sept) (PDF)

Overnight Transfusions (Jan) (PDF)


 National Comparative Audit of the use of platelet transfusions in the UK

Authors: H Qureshi; D Lowe; P Dobson; J Grant-Casey; E Parris; D Dalton; K Hickling; F Waller; C Howell; M F Murphy
Journal: Transfusions Clinique et Biologique
Reference: 2007: 14, (2007) 509-513


Changes in practice and organisation surrounding blood transfusion in NHS Trusts in England 2005,
Authors: C J C Taylor; M F Murphy; D Lowe; M Pearson; 
Journal: Quality & Safety in Healthcare
Reference: 2008;17:233 -243

Promoting safer blood transfusion practice in hospital
Authors: E Parris; J Grant-Casey
Journal: Nursing Standard
Reference: 2008; June 20; vol 21 no 41, 207

Auditing the administration of blood at the bedside 2003