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Although we have adequate stock of O D negative red cells now, we need your help to conserve stock to prevent a shortage over the coming weeks.

O D Negative Stock update

Paediatric and neonatal audits

Future audits


Audit of fresh frozen plasma and cryoprecipitate in children and neonates

Previous audits


Audit of Transfusion in Children and Adults with Sickle Cell Disease (Full report PDF) Key Findings (PDF)

National Red Cell Survey includes paediatrics and neonates (PDF)


Re-audit of the use of platelets in haematology includes paediatrics and neonates (PDF)

National Comparative Audit of the use of Red Cells in Neonates and Children (PDF)


Audit of Overnight Transfusions (Jan) includes paediatrics and neonates (PDF)


The UK Comparative audit of upper gastrointestinal bleeding and the use of blood (Dec) (PDF)