2018 Survey of Group O D Negative Red Cell Use

Key objectives

  • To determine the proportion of O D negative red cells that are transfused to non-O D negative patients and the reasons for these transfusions
  • To identify hospital practices associated with high use / stockholding of O D negative red cells and understand why this might occur
  • To provide commentary on the distribution of transfusion of O D negative blood during the survey period

What did we audit?

  • The fate of all group O D negative red cells issued to English hospitals by NHSBT using a snapshot approach covering a two-week period in 2018
  • An organisational survey was conducted in participating sites to update information on policies and procedures along with stockholding in UK hospitals with respect to O D negative blood at the same time.

Who took part?

 image showing 193 hospitals participated

What did we find?

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Key points 

Key findings

Key findings

Tools to help improve practice

O D Negative red cell toolkit