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How do I get involved?

All National Comparative Audits of blood tansfusion operate online at www.nhsbtaudits.co.uk which is accessible on any device connected to the internet.

Hospitals which would like to take part in an audit can register online. We will usually advise hospitals by email when an audit is available for online registration.

How do I access my audit home page?

1.   Go to www.nhsbtaudits.co.uk

When you see the "Welcome! Please login" page you will see four login portals.

  • If you work in an NHS Trust, find your Trust name in the drop down list in the Trust login portal.
  • If you work in an NHS Hospital, find your hospital name in the drop down list in the Hospital login portal.
  • If you work in an independent hospital, or a hospital outside England, look for your hospital's name in the Hospital login portal.

2.  Key in the password we sent you.  If you don't have a password or can't find your Trust or hospital email David.Dalton@nhsbt.nhs.uk

Get your own back!

When you enter data online you can download what you entered to your PC at any time you wish with our download facility. Very handy for keeping a record of your answers or even doing your own analysis!

Read all about it!

On your Audit Homepage is a Document section. In here you will find audit reports and slideshows for past audits you have taken part in, as well as guidance on the current audit and other useful information.

Have your say

We are always open to suggestions and will be consulting participants and other stakeholders for their ideas in the near future. If you have any ideas about topics related to blood transfusion you would like to see audited then give us a shout!


John Grant-Casey

Dr Lise Estcourt