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New link for the animation of the pre-administration blood component transfusion bedside check

Please note the link to the video has changed following a recent amendment, and the old link disabled. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

The new link is

The video highlights the key steps for completing the pre-administration bedside check of blood components. This critical check is the final opportunity to prevent transfusion of an incorrect blood component to a patient.

It can be played in full or paused at particular points to support training and knowledge of this final step, and supports the British Society of Haematology (BSH, 2017) guideline for the administration of blood components, the National Blood Transfusion Committee (2016) National Standards for the Clinical Transfusion Process and the Central Alerting System Alert Safe Transfusion Practice - Use a bedside checklist, (Department for Health, 2017).

The video was produced through collaboration between the UK’s haemovigilance scheme, Serious Hazards of Transfusion (SHOT) and the NHS Blood and Transplant Patient Blood Management Team.

Jayne Addison, Patient Blood Management Practitioner