September 2014

For Action

1.1 NHSBT Customer Services Patient Blood Management (PBM) Team PBM Newsletter – Issue 2

Issue 2 of NHSBT’s PBM newsletter focuses on Red Cells and new educational resources to support appropriate use.

Further issues will follow every couple of months, focusing on a different aspect of PBM each time.

This resource is applicable to all grades of healthcare professionals working in the transfusion chain and we hope you will take the opportunity to disseminate it to all your colleagues with a role in PBM and encourage them to share it widely.

The newsletter can be viewed and printed, or shared electronically on the following link:

We would value any feedback or comments that you or your colleagues have and invite you to send them to

Jayne Addison, Patient Blood Management Practitioner

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 1.2 OBOS version 6.0.2 update

The full functionality of Version 6.0.2 will be available on the Training environment from Sunday 28th September 2014.

Following feedback from stakeholders we have removed the option to add a transfusion date and time for components ordered via a standing order. This has been done because the transfusion date and time is only correct for the first instance of the standing order and not subsequent ones.

The major new function added by this release is a change to the way the delivery time is entered:

  • Delivery Method Change Del: Stock A ‘delivery slot matrix’ will be presented with the delivery times available for that day. These times are based on your current Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with NHSBT.
  • Ad Hoc The time slot displayed will be auto populated based on the current time when placing the order + pick and pack time + delivery time.
  • Emergency The time will be auto populated based on the current time when placing the order + pick and pack time + emergency delivery time (this will be less than standard delivery time as this will be undertaken using blue lights and sirens).
  • Collect and Emergency Collect The time will be auto populated based on the current time + pick and pack time

OBOS version 6.0.2 will be delivered to the OBOS Live environment on Sunday 12th October. However, the new “delivery time” functionality will be rolled out to hospitals in stages as each NHSBT centre adopts the new Transport Management System.

Your Customer Service Manager will contact you in advance of the go-live date in your area.

Full details are available in the OBOS user guide that can be found via the footer on both training and live systems and can also be found on the Hospitals and Science website together with the release notes and a set of practice orders:

We always welcome your feedback, queries and requests for change to the OBOS team via:

Craig Wilkes, Regional Customer Service Manager

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1.3 Transport Management System (TMS) Implementation

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving our services and be easy to do business with we are implementing a Transport Management System (TMS). The new system will provide better tracking of deliveries and transport boxes, and will be more cost and energy efficient.

A pilot in Manchester and Lancaster will start in the near future and we will be in touch with all our customers individually as part of the national roll out plan.

The TMS will link directly with the online blood ordering system (OBOS), allowing the transport team to see real-time orders from the time of request and help us improve delivery planning. In the future, we hope to implement an online collection request system and live tracking of deliveries for hospitals.

We will shortly be releasing OBOS v 6.0.2 which will provide functionality to improve online orders. To support this change, we will need to collect an electronic signature at the point of delivery. Your procedures may need to be updated in light of these changes.

Antonia Hyde, Customer Service Manager

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For Information

2.1 Patient Blood Management Promotional Bookmark now available.

Patient Blood Management (PBM) – Optimising the care of patients who may need a blood transfusion.

To support the promotion and implementation of PBM in your hospital, the NHSBT Customer Services PBM Team have developed a PBM Bookmark with support from Transfusion Practitioners.

These are now available to be ordered from Login and password details are available from your Regional Transfusion Committee Administrator.

For more information on PBM, contact your local PBM Practitioner or go to

Aman Dhesi, Regional Lead, Patient Blood Management Team

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2.2 British Committee for Standards in Haematology (BCSH) – Amendment to the Guideline for the Use of Anti-D Immunoglobin for the Prevention of Haemolytic Disease of the Fetus and Newborn.

The BCSH guideline for the use of anti-D has been amended with an additional statement about anti-D prophylaxis in overweight women, and also clarification for use of anti-D prophylaxis following Intrauterine Death (IUD),

This amendment is available at:

Andrea Harris, Patient Blood Management Team Regional Lead

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2.3 New Website

Our Hospital and Science website has been given an overhaul and a fresh new design and improved navigation. The site is accessible on smart phones and tablets enabling use when and where you want.

We would really value your feedback and and comments to

Craig Wilkes, Regional Customer Service Manager

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For Training

3.1 Patient Blood Management Team National Conference

NHS Blood and Transplant’s Patient Blood Management Team is pleased to extend an invitation to you to attend a national one day conference.

Patient Blood Management in Clinical Haematology is aimed at nurses, medical staff and other healthcare professionals working in clinical haematology and bone marrow transplant specialties, with a specific focus on use of blood component support and alternatives.

Key themes of the conference will include:

  • Safety of blood and the hazards of transfusion
  • Empowering patients: information and consent for transfusion
  • Non-medical authorising of blood components
  • Management of anaemia in haematology
  • Red cell transfusion triggers: when and how much to transfuse
  • Use of platelets in haematology, prophylaxis and assessment of bleeding
  • Transfusion reactions: identification and management

The conference is being held on Wednesday 19th November at the Hilton Metropole Hotel, National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham. The day delegate fee is £60 per person.

A full programme and conference flyer will be available soon.

For an application form or further information please contact:

Katy Hurrell, Patient Blood Management Practitioner

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3.2 Training & Education Events and Courses

A full list of NHSBT training events, which are open to hospital personnel, is available on the training area of our website.

If you have any queries regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact your local Customer Service Manager, Patient Blood Management Practitioner or either of us using the details below.

For further information please visit the NHS Blood and Transplant hospitals website on:

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