November 2014


For Action

1.1 We can turn off your RCI hard copy reports when you are ready

Just to remind those who are using Sp-ICE that NHSBT has the functionality to selectively turn off Red Cell Immunohaematology (RCI) hard copy reports (including antibody cards). Please note NHSBT will supply blank templates for the antibody cards.

The process to request that hardcopy reports are turned off:

  • Email to request RCI hard copy report cessation for your organisation.
  • RCI will email you FRM4792 to complete and return, together with a Management Process Description (MPD912).
  • On receipt of a completed and signed checklist (FRM4792), NHSBT will make the necessary arrangements to stop printing and sending hard copy reports.
  • The hospital Transfusion Laboratory Manager (TLM) will be informed of the date from when hard copy reports will no longer be issued.
  • A copy of the completed checklist will be returned to the TLM for their records.

Heather Aplin. Lead Customer Service Manager Projects


1.2 “Children receiving a blood transfusion” patient information leaflet

Following a period of absence due to problems with the artwork, the “Children receiving a blood transfusion pack “is once again available in stock. It includes the patient information leaflet “Will your child need a blood transfusion?” - A parents guide to children receiving a blood transfusion “, “Amazing you” - a child’s cartoon guide to blood transfusions and “Voyages on the microsub discovery” which is a cartoon guide suitable for older children.

Copies of these leaflets are available to order in hard copy via the Access-24 website:

They are also available to download in English from the Hospital and Science website:

Emma Whitmore Patient Blood Management Practitioner

1.3. Reminder –Platelet Ordering via OBOS

Please ensure that all your work colleagues are aware that we now require you to select apheresis platelets when placing orders via OBOS for everyone born on or after 1st January 1996. This will help our Hospital Services teams to manage local stocks of apheresis and pooled platelets.

Teresa Allen, AD Customer Services


For Information:

2.1 New BCSH guideline for the specification, implementation and management of Information Technology (IT) systems in hospital transfusion laboratories

The British Committee for Standards in Haematology (BCSH) Transfusion Task Force have recently posted a new updated guideline document for the specification, implementation and management of Information Technology (IT) systems in hospital transfusion laboratories

This guideline can be found at:

An audit template is also available at:

Andrea Harris, Patient Blood Management Practitioner Regional Lead


2.2 Extended Blood Group Testing for patients with Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Disorders

A new initiative from NHSBT which will provide red cell surface antigen genotyping for haemoglobinopathy patients.

Many haemoglobinopathy patients in the UK are currently transfused without timely access to comprehensive information on previous blood group status and transfusion history. A recent survey has shown that a significant proportion of these patients become alloimmunised following blood transfusion. The clinical consequences of such alloimmunisation can be life-threatening.

NHSBT is undertaking an initiative until the end of June 2016 to provide extended genotyping of haemoglobinopathy patient blood groups including RHD and RHCE variants

  • Using an advanced genotyping platform, NHSBT will prospectively genotype as many paediatric and adult haemoglobinopathy patients as possible.
  • Genotyping results and a record of existing and historic alloantibodies will be available via the NHSBT Sp-ICE system.
  • NHSBT will not be charging for this testing when it is done as part of the initiative which runs until the end of June 2016.

Further details including the requesting and reporting processes can be found on the website

Richard Gray, Head of Service Design Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services


For Training

3.1 Training & Education Events and Courses

A full list of NHSBT training events, which are open to hospital personnel, is available on the our website at

From 1st April 2015, Hospital Members of the National Commissioning Group (NCG) have negotiated 1 free of charge place per hospital on one of our Scientific and Technical training courses. Further information will be available in the NCG communication which will be issued to all hospitals in December. The funding for these courses has been sourced via Health Education England and we will require you to indicate that a place being booked is part of this allocation.

If you have any queries regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact your local Customer Service Manager, Patient Blood Management Practitioner.

For further information please visit the NHS Blood and Transplant hospitals website on: