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Fetal RHD screening test: our answers to your questions

We have used the questions we've received from you about this test to produce a new Questions and Answers document, with the questions grouped into topics and hyperlinked to the answers, for ease of use. 

Published in the fetal RHD screening service section of the International Blood Group Reference Laboratory (IBGRL) website, it will be updated monthly with new questions highlighted at the top of the document. These will be moved into the relevant topic the following monthSo the document is worth revisiting.

If you have any questions which are not included in the document, please email them to

Erika Rutherford, Business Development Manager - IBGRL & RCI


Online Blood Ordering System (OBOS): version 8.1.3 release on 11 November 2018 and national roll-out of new reconciliation function on 19 November 2018

 The fixes in the new version have addressed the following failures:

  • Inability to complete the reconciliation step for orders placed and delivered in the early hours of the morning
  • Overprinting of details on printed orders

Updates in the release are:

  • Auto-population of HbS negative when ‘Tick here if order is for a sickle patient’ option is selected
  • Addition of a 'reconciliation user' profile. This allows the user to reconcile orders only, not create / delete / amend or submit them

The reconciliation function was successfully piloted (see The Update February 2018) and allows a delivery to be confirmed within OBOS, rather than signing and returning the delivery notes. The roll-out starts on 19 November with hospitals in the Midlands and the South West, followed in early 2019 in London, the South East and the North. 

The reconciliation function is live on the training site. Instructions are provided in the user guide, along with details of the updates. The release notes, training presentation published on the OBOS web page, and the link in the footers on OBOS also include details of the updates. 

If you have any questions please contact your Customer Service Manager. 

Cathy Lim, Customer Service Manager - West Midlands


Updated "Don't use two when one will do" platelet poster

This poster has been redesigned and is no longer available to order from the distribution hub however, it can be downloaded.

Download the poster

Jo Shorthouse, Patient Blood Management Practitioner 


Our 'Portfolio of Blood Components and Guidance for their Clinical Use' has been revised 

SPN223 is now version 9 with a revised Appendix 7 - Availability of Non-Stock and Special Components, including those required for urgent requests and their local availability in NHSBT Stock Holding Units (SHU).

 Craig Wilkes, Regional Customer Service Manager