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New labels for Reagents
We are pleased to announce NHSBT Reagents are introducing new labels which will include:

  • Our name, NHSBT Reagents
  • Our address
  • The universal international symbols 

They will be printed in black and white. 

This change will be implemented for products manufactured from 21 August 2017 and distributed week commencing 28 August. For longer dated products the old style labels may still exist up to August 2019. 

Please note we will no longer be supplying outer pack labels for any products that are not part of a kit, for example, IgG coated cells, weak controls. Papainised products will still be supplied with a pink background and all barcodes are the same format as the current labels.

Michelle Weston, Reagents Manager


Ordering patient information leaflets and educational resources 18 August to 4 September
The distribution hub will not be available for orders during this period, so please contact your Patient Blood Management practitioner who will fulfil your order. Alternatively, you may download the resources from our Education web page. 

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Denise Watson, PBM Practitioner - Education


Blood pack validations
The contract with our current blood pack suppliers is due to end shortly and we are now undertaking the tender process for pack supply from May 2018. 

Phase 1 validations are now completed and Phase 2 validation starts in September 2017. This second phase involves a larger volume of packs than phase 1 and they are more likely to be seen in most hospitals.  

From September you may see blood packs, that are not from our current supplier, and have a slightly different appearance to those you normally see. The specification to which the blood packs are produced is extremely tight and the majority of the changes are minor and cosmetic.  

However, there is a significant difference to FFP packs from one of the suppliers: they  contain more air than you normally see. During phase 1 validations these packs were issued to a small number of hospitals who have confirmed there were no issues with them. Please ensure hospital staff are aware of this and inform us if you experience any problems with storage or use.  

All packs currently in use for blood products may be affected by these validations and may appear at any UK hospitals. 

If you have any queries concerning this project please contact your Hospital Service department or Customer Service Manager. 

Jane Davies, Lead Specialist - MDT


Change to the Apheresis Platelet Myth Buster Poster
The HEV section has been replaced with a CMV section highlighting the indications for CMV. 

Please see the amended poster

Jayne Addison, PBM Practitioner