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Managing patients who require monoclonal antibody therapy

The Patient Blood Management (PBM) and Red Cell Immunohaematology (RCI) teams have produced resources to support hospital transfusion laboratories, transfusion practitioners and clinical teams in the provision of blood components for patients receiving monoclonal antibody therapy.

The resources are available in the Clinical Guidelines section of the Hospitals and Science website.

Louise Sherliker, National Lead, PBMP Team


Changes to RCI antenatal reports

In response to your feedback, comments on antenatal reports will be amended to reflect that DATs should be performed on babies found to be Rh D positive, where anti-D has been identified in the mother’s sample.

We will also make a recommendation to consider fetal RhD genotyping to the reports, for the same group of women, as identifying the RhD type of the fetus may reduce the need for additional samples to be taken throughout the pregnancy. 

Dr Mark Williams, Head of Red Cell Immunohaematology


Blood and Transplant Matters Issue 53

Blood and Transplant Matters is a regular newsletter for hospitals served by NHS Blood and Transplant.

Articles of interest are: The Professional Development Team in Organ Donation and Transplantation A Five-Year Anniversary;  Cellular and Molecular Therapies;  Audit - The Use of Prothrombin Complex Concentrate in Milton Keynes Hospital;  Teamwork Delivers:  Support for a Special Series of Intrauterine Transfusions;  Audit of Overnight Transfusions in the West Midlands Region July 2016; Durham University Blood Donation Society;  Case Study - Interview with Ebony Dunkley;  CPD Questions;  Clinical Case Studies;  Answers to Clinical Case Studies;  CPD answers (53) and Diary Dates.

Read Issue 53

Dr Robert Webster, Consultant, Statistic and Clinical Audit


Delay in the introduction of new transition pack labels 

The pilot scheduled for May/June 2018, with a few of you, will be delayed by a minimum of 6 months. 

After consulting with you, we needed to further develop the labels to meet your requirement. An updated version of the transition label has now been proposed by the Standing Advisory Committee Information Technology (SACIT). 

We will test the updated version with a selection of you. You will all have the opportunity to provide feedback. In addition, we will obtain feedback from our internal departments and other UK Blood Services. We will then collate and review all comments and/or suggestions to ensure the final transition label is suitable prior to circulation.

We will update you on our progress.

Craig Wilkes, Regional Customer Service Manager, South West


AB Red Cells – the right stock to meet patient need 

Over the next few months we will be reducing our target for the number of AB red cells we maintain in our stock. Our aim is to maintain sufficient stock for patient needs whilst reducing waste in NHSBT and in hospitals. We will continue to offer credits for unused units in hospitals.

You may wish to review your target stock holding for AB red cells to ensure it matches expected patient need.

If you have any queries please get in touch with your Customer Service Manager.

Chris Philips, Head of Hospital Customer Service

New Invoice Backing Data

From June 2018, we will be issuing new invoice backing data. The content remains broadly the same but allows improved searching and sorting within your hospital. We are doing this as part of an ongoing improvement programme to ensure this process is more robust and automated, whilst continuing to meet your needs.

Linda Haigh, Assistant Director, Finance Operations