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Revised Patient Blood Management – Information for patients leaflet

This has been revised and became effective from 20March 2017. Please ensure that old copies are removed from circulation. The revised leaflet can be ordered free of charge from the distribution hub 

Denise Watson, Patient Blood Management Practitioner

Invitation to attend Blood Stocks Management Scheme’s ‘Managing the Nation’s Blood Supply’ roadshow

Our roadshows are aimed at staff working in blood transfusion and patient blood management in a hospital or blood centre, transfusion laboratory managers, transfusion practitioners, biomedical scientists, stock managers and staff  with an interest in, or working in, inventory management.


  • Can we do more with less - The O negative conundrum
  • Recommendations from the A negative platelet snapshot survey
  • Back to basics - Optimising red cell stock levels
  • Interactive workshops

Dates and venues:

  • 7 June NHSBT Birmingham New Street, 65 New Street, B2 4DU
  • 8 June NHSBT Sheffield Centre, Longley Lane, S5 7JN
  • 21 June  Friends House, 173 -177 Euston Road, London, NW1 2BJ (opposite Euston station) 

Early booking is recommended to avoid disappointment as some of the venues are limited in size.

Sue Cotton, Blood Stocks Management Scheme Manager

Blood Stocks Management Scheme monitoring VANESA activity

VANESA activity monitoring will resume from 25 April 2017 on a monthly basis. We will be monitoring the entries made 2 months in arrears, that is, the monitoring received in April will be based on activity in February.

A letter will be emailed to Transfusion Laboratory Managers which will show the activity (entries made to VANESA) and whether this constitutes a pass / fail. VANESA will be updated to reflect this status. Once you have received the letter, if you have any questions please email the BSMS team.

Sue Cotton, Blood Stocks Management Scheme Manager

Review of residual viral risk from new and repeat blood donors in the UK

The requirement to only produce plasma components from repeat donors has been removed following a review by the Joint UKBTS Professional Advisory Committee (JPAC) of data on residual viral risk from new and repeat blood donors in the UK

From 10 April 2017, UK plasma components manufactured by NHSBT may therefore utilise plasma from male first-time donors.  This is a change to existing components and does not represent a new component.  There will be no change to component labelling and changes to hospital LIMS systems are not required. 

The supporting paper, JPAC 17-10 Amended – Use of plasma from first time donors,  led to this Change Notification 

Alastair Hunter, Frozen Component Manager

Harmonising component labels

There are currently inconsistencies in the descriptions on component labels compared with those in the Portfolio of Blood Components and Guidance for their Clinical Use (SPN233). We are working to resolve these.

Components labelled from 15 May 2017 will have new descriptions. The portfolio will be amended to reflect the new labelling 

‘Electronic Dispatch Note’ (EDN) files will not be affected by these changes,  resulting in no impact on hospital laboratories. 

If you have any queries, please contact your Customer Service Manager.

Craig Wilkes, Regional Customer Service Manager – South West

Andy Fincham. Lead Specialist, Manufacturing Development Team