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Please inform hospital contacts not to use the platelet transfusion mobile site
Following the recent publication of the British Society of Haematology (BSH) guidelines for the use of platelet transfusions and the National Blood Transfusion Committee (NBTC) Indication Codes, the National Platelet Action Group plan to review and update the mobile site.

Please inform your hospital contacts and ask them not to actively promote the site in local training and education sessions.

The link to the site from the Hospitals and Science web site has been removed.

Once the review has been completed an update will be issued.

Jayne Addison, Patient Blood Management Practitioner


Please share your good practice for O D Neg red cells
We would like to hear your examples of good practice and include them in our O D Negative toolkit.

The toolkit helps clinical and laboratory staff in hospitals to promote the safe and appropriate use of O D negative red cells and reduce wastage, and was developed to support the launch of the Save One O D Neg a week campaign in June last year.

Now St George’s University Hospital and Guys and St Thomas’s join Royal Derby Hospital, Great Ormond Street Hospital and Royal United Hospitals Bath in sharing the good work they are producing around O D Neg red cells.

Thank you to these hospitals for sharing.

Please take a look, share your own good practice and pass this onto your hospital transfusion colleagues and beyond.

Jo Shorthouse, Patient Blood Management Practitioner – Sheffield

We want to improve our web presence and need your help!
You can help us by taking part in an interactive online study. Your participation will help us to better understand how our customers view our products and services. The exercise should take about 20 minutes to complete.

Please note the study cannot be completed on a mobile device.

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Olga Passet, User Researcher – Digital Delivery