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Register your event to take part in Pathology in the Community, National Pathology week 6 - 12 November 2017
Pathology in the Community is the theme of this year's National Pathology week held by the Royal College of Pathologists (RCPath) which aims to improve the public's awareness and understanding of Pathology.

Please support RCPath by organising an event related to blood and organ donation for your community. Free promotional materials are available for your event. 

RCPath celebrates all public engagement work so if you publicise your event on social media you will be entered into a £100 prize draw! 

To find out more and how to register please contact your local PBM practitioner.    

Clare Denison, Patient Blood Management Practitioner

Please prepare for new RadTag irradiation labels February 2018
These will be replacing the current RadSure labels, and we recommend you start preparations for amending protocols and staff training.

Our new labels have a white central circle which turns blue after irradiation and will be scanned electronically, rather than being signed and dated by hand.

Sample Labels October2017 The Update.PNG


There will be no changes to the product code, product use or electronic dispatch note. The introduction of the new labels will be over a 2 week period so it is likely you will see both old and new labels for a short period.

If you have any questions please contact your Customer Service Manager.

Cathy Lim - Customer Services Manager, West Midlands