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Please update your LIM system with new Donation Identification Number (DIN) sequence 

In December 2016 we notified hospitals there would be a small number of new Donation Identification Number (DIN) sequences in circulation.  From 10 September 2018 the number in circulation will begin to increase. 

Please ensure that your LIM system can accept the following DIN sequences to ensure you do not have any problems when logging components. 

  • G0050
  • G0060
  • G0070
  • G0080
  • G0090

 Jane Davies, Lead Specialist, MDT

Register for free symposium: Advances in Transfusion Practice 12 November 2018

Organised jointly between the National Centre for Modernising Transfusion Practice and the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, this is open to all staff involved in any aspect of patient blood management.

Venue: The Oxford Belfry, Milton Common, OX9 2JW

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Marie Casey, Clinical Lead - Blood Safety and Conservation