Consent for transfusion

Following a public consultation in 2010, a series of recommendations were proposed and supported by the Advisory Committee on the Safety of Blood, Tissues and Organs (SaBTO) regarding patient consent for blood transfusion. 

SaBTO Patient Consent for Blood Transfusion recommendations (PDF)

To support and aid your discussion regarding consent, a variety of patient information leaflets relating to blood transfusion are available, which can be given to the patient as part of the consent process.

A number of Trusts have agreed to share their resources, processes and findings to help support other Trusts to implement consent for blood transfusion. 

Dudley Group of Hospitals

Supplementary consent form to exclude blood transfusion - template (Word)

Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Consent - Another Boring Audit (PDF)

Transfusion Consent for Medical / Obstetric Patients (PDF)

South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Consent Sticker (PDF)

Consent Sticker Information (PDF)

The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Consent for Transfusion: Discussion Checklist (PDF)

Written Consent for Transfusion - Why on Earth not? (PDF)

Written Consent for Transfusion - Why and How we did it and Results of Implementation  (PDF)

West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

Blood Prescription Pathway (PDF)

NHSBT Patient Blood Management Practitioner Team

Consent for Transfusion template - example (Word)

Patient consent for blood transfusion (PPT)

Transfusion Matters - patient involvement and empowerment (PDF)

University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust in association with NHSBT

Having a blood transfusion - YouTube video which explains all you need to know about having a blood transfusion

Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust Adult Blood Transfusion Care Pathway

Pathway for administration of blood components / products