Ovarian Tissue Storage

NHSBT’s Cellular and Molecular Therapeutics laboratory in Southampton, in partnership with the Complete Fertility Centre at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, provides an ovarian tissue storage service.  This is offered to girls and women who are due to undergo treatment for certain types of malignancy or congenital disorders known to have a detrimental effect on ovary function.

Following surgical harvesting of an ovary NHSBT processes and stores the tissue for later return to the recipient at an appropriate time (i.e. once their treatment has ended or they have reached puberty) with the aim of restoring ovarian function.

We have produced a leaflet called Ovarian tissue cryopreservation: Information for patients. This provides information for women of child-bearing age who are about to undergo treatment for cancer and for parents and carers of girls who are about to undergo cancer treatment.

Healthcare professionals should read the Ovarian tissue cryopreservation: Information for healthcare professionals leaflet for more information.

Healthcare professionals wishing to discuss this service may contact

Dr Claire Wiggins
Head of Steve Mills Stem Cell & Immunotherapy Laboratory
NHSBT Southampton

To determine suitability of patients for the service please contact

Dr Mili Saran
The Complete Fertility Centre
University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Request forms

FRM5021/2 Consent for Ovarian Tissue Storage

FRM5022/3  Request for Cryopreservation and Storage of Ovarian Tissue

FRM5175/1 Request for Issue of Ovarian Tissue

NHS clinical staff may download a referral form from the University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust website.