Testing Services

• Routine confirmatory testing
• Screening of specific non-blood donations
• Investigation of post-transfusion infections
• Provision of advice and guidance in the field of transfusion microbiology to NHSBT
• Translation and research in the field of transfusion microbiology

Please contact the Head or Deputy Head of NTMRL to discuss specific needs.

Contact details

National Transfusion Microbiology Reference Laboratory
National Health Service Blood and Transplant
Charcot Road
Tel: 020 8957 2733 / 2816
Fax: 020 8957 2846
Email: NTMRL@NHSBT.nhs.uk

The NTMRL User Guide & Service Level Agreements (INF1060) is available upon request. This includes details of:

• Investigations currently performed
• Required documentation
• Shipping of samples
• Definitions of final confirmatory result interpretations
• Reporting
• Complaints procedure