TM Publications Pre 1975



  1. K.W.M. Fulford, D.S. Dane, R.D. Catterall, et al. 1973. Australia Antigen and Antibody Among Patients Attending a Clinic for Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Lancet ii. 1470-1473

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Transfusion Microbiology

  1. I. Cayzer, D.S. Dane, C.H. Cameron, J.V. Denning. 1974. A Rapid Haemagglutination Test for Hepatitis-B Antigen. Lancet i. 947-949
  2. J.A.J. Barbara, J.V. Denning, T.E. Cleghorn, et al. 1975. Detection of HBsAg by Passive Haemagglutination Test. Lancet i. 975-976

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