Blood group genotype testing

  • Standard genotype (RhD, C, c, E, e, K/k, Fya/b, Jka/b, M/N, S/s, U-, Uvar) please use request form (FRM4738/3)
  • Extended genotype (RhD, C, c, E, e, V, VS, K/k, Kpa/b, Jsa/b, Fya/b, FyX, Jka/b, M/N, S/s, U-, Uvar, Lua/b, Dia/b, Coa/b, Doa/b, LWa/b, Sc) please use request form (FRM4738/3)
  • Extended genotype - haemoglobinopathy array: (RhD, C, c, E, e, including common RhD, C and e variants, V, VS, hrB, hrS, K/k, Kpa/b, Jsa/b,  Doa/b,  Fya/b, Jka/b, M/N, S/s, U-, Uvar) please use the 1A RCI test request form (FRM1597/4.2)

Please note that standard patient genotyping requests can be performed urgently (within 24 hours) for an added premium.

Haemoglobinopathy genotyping initiative

This closed 30 June 2016. During this programme NHSBT offered extended genotyping, free of charge, for all haemoglobinopathy patients (sickle cell disease and thalassaemia) in England from April 2015 until the end of June 2016. This made comprehensive genotyping available to all haemoglobinopathy patients. The genotype test covered blood groups including RHD and RHCE variants.

During the initiative NHSBT received 4,225 samples, 42% of the estimated 10,000 haemoglobinopathy patients in England. These genotyping results and a record of existing and historic alloantibodies are available via the NHSBT Sp-ICE system. This will benefit the patients, whose samples we received, as timely access to the patient’s extended genotype before critical clinical scenarios occur that may require selection of blood for transfusion.