Blood group genotype testing

Blood group genotype tests

The International Blood Group Reference Laboratory (IBGRL) Molecular Diagnostics uses various techniques to determine blood group genotype: Allele-specific PCR, real-time PCR (allelic discrimination using Taqman probes) and HEA Beadchip. The technique used will depend on the test requested and the current workload in the laboratory.

In multi-transfused patients or DAT positive patients, the presence of transfused red cells or auto-antibodies can prevent determination of blood group phenotype by serological techniques, however analysis of genotype can be used to predict blood group phenotype.

Available genotyping tests:

  • Standard genotype (RhD, C, c, E, e, K/k, Fya/b, Jka/b, M/N, S/s, U-, Uvar) please use FRM4738 
  • Extended genotype (RhD, C, c, E, e, V, VS, K/k, Kpa/b, Jsa/b, Fya/b, FyX, Jka/b, M/N, S/s, U-, Uvar, Lua/b, Dia/b, Coa/b, Doa/b, LWa/b, Sc) please use FRM4738 
  • Extended genotype - haemoglobinopathy array: (RhD, C, c, E, e, including common RhD, C and e variants, V, VS, hrB, hrS, K/k, Kpa/b, Jsa/b,  Doa/b,  Fya/b, Jka/b, M/N, S/s, U-, Uvar) please use the 1A RCI test request FRM1597/4.2

Please note that standard patient genotyping requests can be performed within 48 hours for an added premium.

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