Supply Chain Modernisation

Supply Chain Modernisation is the proposal to modernise our manufacturing facilities. This includes the transfer of manufacturing activity from Newcastle and Sheffield to Manchester, and the implementation of 24/7 working in manufacturing.

 These changes will ensure we:

  • Make the best use of every donation
  • Are prepared for the implementation of new developments and technologies (e.g. pathogen inactivation, automation)
  • Support the earlier release of components
  • Increase productivity thereby reducing NHS costs

We are continuing to work closely with hospital customers and are discussing preferred options for the supply of short shelf life specialist components to facilitate a smooth transition.

If you have feedback or require any further information please contact your local Customer Service Manager or email Chris Gallager, (Lead Customer Service Manager for the Supply Chain Modernisation project).

2017 Communications

February - June: Presentation (pdf) delivered to stakeholders in Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield

2015 Communications

16 December: Common themes and our feedback from Hospital engagement

August - December: Presentation (pdf) delivered to stakeholders in  Leeds, Newcastle and Sheffield

August - December: Presentation (pdf) delivered to stakeholders in Manchester

31 July: Letter (pdf) sent to hospitals on proposed service developments

31 July: Hospitals' Questions and Answers (pdf)